On the Subject of “Forks”

At one of our very early auctions, I purchased a lot of cutlery which contained a few pickle forks. I now find them fascinating and search them out whenever possible. On our recent trip to England, I purchased quite a few different forks to add to my collection.

We eat most of our food with a knife, fork or spoon and some of us might remember getting confused about which fork to use when sitting at a formal table setting – relying on the principal of “starting at the outside and working in”.

Some of the forks I now have bring confusion to a different level altogether. Although they are all beautiful, I still have no idea what some of them are used for.

The ones I can identify include meat forks, pickle forks, an ice cream fork, fish forks, bread forks, beetroot forks, fruit forks, and oyster forks.

My most prized possession is a fork  I bought at a huge antique market in Detling in the UK (right at the bottom of the picture with tag attached). The tiny cardboard tag  was attached to it by a piece of string with the handwritten words : “I “looted”! this fork – going through YPRES in 1915, when the whole city was blazing and being v. heartily shelled by the Huns” – gives you goosebumps doesn’t it?

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